Transaction & Litigation Support

Knowcraft Analytics offers its services in a variety of areas, providing a one-stop solution for advisors, legal teams, consultants, investment banking firms, and banks in the US.
Knowcraft Analytics provides support on transaction advisory as well as litigation consulting in connection with disputes over the value of businesses and business assets. Our team is skilled at providing relevant assistance in terms of providing comprehensive valuations and research support.

Fairness Opinions

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At every key stage in a company’s life cycle, management is required to make critical business decisions, which are often based on the value of the business at that stage. A fairness opinion (“FO”) is an assessment of the financial details of a merger and acquisition (“M&A”) transaction, takeover, spinoff, or other type of business deal, evaluating whether the proposed consideration being paid is fair from a financial point of view to a particular party. Fairness opinions do not constitute a recommendation on whether to proceed with a transaction because they do not address the legal, regulatory, accounting, insurance, tax, or other merits.

Our skilled and experienced team of valuation professionals provides an in-depth and detailed financial analysis both from a buy-side and sell-side perspective, including interpreting and analyzing complex terms or securities associated with a deal.

Financial Modeling

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The crux of any important business decision is the information on which it is based, and such information is the result of deep-dived analyses of a plethora of data points and variables pulled together to build an accurate, robust, and detailed financial model. Detailed and flexible forecast models, with necessary scenarios and sensitivities built in, are key tools available to the leadership team to analyze the projected numbers from several perspectives and formulate informed strategies. Our team has several years of financial modeling experience and has completed many complex business modeling assignments, including entering a new business or service line, buying or selling/spinning off / licensing businesses or assets, making new investments, or evaluating strategic decisions in existing operations.

Solvency Opinions

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Solvency opinions are designed to assist companies and their boards of directors in determining the legality of a proposed dividend or distribution and to assist potential secured creditors in highly leveraged transactions. A solvency opinion helps determine whether the fair value of a company’s assets surpasses its liabilities, whether it can be inferred that a company will be able to settle its debts when they mature, and whether a company has adequate capital. Our team develops objective and detailed analyses that can assist your clients in supporting deal-making decisions and risk mitigation.

Litigation Support

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During the course of a business, a company may be exposed to a myriad of legal suits from competitors, creditors, customers, employees, or even the regulatory authorities. This is especially true for companies holding a large portfolio of intellectual property. Defending these lawsuits requires a high degree of commitment from the company in terms of time and money, which impacts the day-to-day running of the business. Knowcraft Analytics works with organizations to provide support to organizations and their lawyers in judicial and alternative dispute resolution forums that include litigation and arbitration.
With our expert financial analysis, we provide clients with the insight and understanding they need to strengthen their case at all stages of a business dispute or complex litigation. The situations we can help with include shareholder disputes, purchase price disputes, family disputes, joint venture disputes, pre-mature contract termination disputes, and many others.

Economic Damage Analyses

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Economic damages analyses are often a critical element of valuation court challenges and proceedings. We have extensive experience in the evaluation and calculation of economic damages in complex litigation matters. Economic damages can include personal injury/wrongful death, wrongful termination, patent/trademark infringement, or breach of contract, among others.

Our team examines the case closely and determines which factors should be included in the analysis. We work closely with you and help you calculate the economic damages for your clients with detailed research, documentation, and support. In addition, we also assist our clients in preparing expert opinions for litigation.

Marital Dissolutions & Business Divorces

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Marital Dissolution (also known as divorce valuation) and Business Divorce refer to the process of determining the fair market value of assets and properties held by a couple during the dissolution of their marriage or holders during the dissolution of their company, respectively. We partner with you to help your clients involved in complex, high-value cases understand their current financial position and its trajectory, if appropriate, as well as to protect their financial future. We provide a reliable and supportable valuation of business interests, real estate, and other identifiable assets.

Our financial analysis services include:

  • Valuing business interests and stock compensation programs
  • Analyzing and calculating spending, annual cash flows, and taxable income
  • Identifying and tracing marital assets
  • Preparing net worth statements and financial affidavits
  • Providing financial interrogatories, document tracking, and discovery requests

Why Choose Knowcraft for Valuation?

Executed Over 10,000 Engagements
Acted as an Advisor to Help Clients Venture into New Service Offerings
Reduced Turn around Time by ~40%
Helped Scale Businesses from a Single-Member Team to a 40+ Member Strong Team
Enabled Business Growth through 50%-100% Increase in Revenue and 30%-50% Improved Margins

Case Studies

Benefits of ERP Transition: A Case Study 

Benefits of ERP Transition: A Case Study 

In the fast-paced world of business, staying competitive often necessitates upgrading systems to meet growing needs. This case study explores the journey of Company X as it transitioned from one Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) vendor to another. The case study highlights the constraints, proposed solutions, and outcomes achieved. 

Contingent Consideration Valuation

Contingent Consideration Valuation

THE CLIENT AND THE ASK: A pharmaceutical company (the “Acquirer”) acquired a biotechnology company (the “Company”) in exchange for an upfront payment and certain payments contingent upon successful achievement of future regulatory and sales milestones for certain...

Forecasting and Valuation

Forecasting and Valuation

THE COMPANY AND THE ASK: The Company is a technology company with a business proposition to provide diagnostic services to rural India and reduce the turnaround time of getting the report from 24 hours to 1 hour. The Company was operating using multiple business...

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