Knowcraft Analytics is your trusted partner in navigating the complex landscape of taxation in the US and Canada. Our dedicated team of tax professionals provides expert solutions tailored for US and Canada businesses with its rich experience in the US and Canada tax practices and has executed over 2,500 tax returns delivering the highest quality services.

We collaborate with numerous small, medium, and large CPA firms across the US and Canada to provide scalable & personalized taxation services. Our best practices assist clients in taxation planning and consulting to advise optimal refunds and reduce tax liabilities. We have a team of seasoned CPAs, EAs and CAs specializing in the financial statement analyses and tax implications of various accounts.

Individual Tax

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Our team is adept in preparing and reviewing tax returns and preparing related work papers for domestic, foreign, and high-net-worth individuals.

Business Tax

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As part of our services, we offer review of tax returns and related work papers for domestic, foreign corporate, single-member LLCs, LLCs, and partnership clients.

Estate/trust Tax

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We have experience in the preparation & review of tax returns and related work papers for trusts.

Gift Tax

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Certain gifts and generation-skipping transfers are subject to the federal gift tax. Knowcraft can assist in preparation & review of gift tax returns and related work papers for individuals.

Non-profit Tax

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We have experience in the preparation & review of tax returns and related work papers for tax-exempt organizations.

Never Filed, Need To File or Amend Your Returns

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We help your clients in filing prior year tax returns and amended returns to maximize tax attributes to their advantage, so that they get the maximum refund possible.

Multi-state Tax

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Complying with multi-state tax regulatory and reporting requirements can be time-consuming, expensive, and extremely stressful. We can help your business minimize multi-state tax expenditures.

Engagement Administrative Support Services

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We help you organize your tax documents so that the process runs smoothly to completion as quickly as possible. Our services include engagement financial management, engagement set up, tax processing support services, drafting correspondence to IRS and state, etc.

Indirect Tax Compliance

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We help in preparing, processing, and filing sales & use tax, Washington DOR and Delaware Annual Report.

Experts Behind the Wheel

Why Choose Knowcraft for Taxation?

Experienced Professionals with Consulting Mindset

Qualified Team & Streamlined Tax Processes

Executed Over 2,500 Tax Returns

Scalable Outsourcing Model

Case Studies

Benefits of ERP Transition: A Case Study 

Benefits of ERP Transition: A Case Study 

In the fast-paced world of business, staying competitive often necessitates upgrading systems to meet growing needs. This case study explores the journey of Company X as it transitioned from one Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) vendor to another. The case study highlights the constraints, proposed solutions, and outcomes achieved. 

Contingent Consideration Valuation

Contingent Consideration Valuation

THE CLIENT AND THE ASK: A pharmaceutical company (the “Acquirer”) acquired a biotechnology company (the “Company”) in exchange for an upfront payment and certain payments contingent upon successful achievement of future regulatory and sales milestones for certain...

Forecasting and Valuation

Forecasting and Valuation

THE COMPANY AND THE ASK: The Company is a technology company with a business proposition to provide diagnostic services to rural India and reduce the turnaround time of getting the report from 24 hours to 1 hour. The Company was operating using multiple business...

Frequently Asked Questions

How do individual tax services differ from small business tax services?

Individual tax services (Form 1040) focus on personal tax matters, such as income tax preparation and planning, estimate tax payments (Form 1040 ES), other tax-related matters specific to individual taxpayers and filing of the tax returns with IRS while small business tax services cater specifically to the tax requirements of business including sole proprietors (Schedule -C), partnerships, LLC’s (Form 1065) and small corporations (Form 1120S). These services often involve more complex tax planning, compliance tailored to unique circumstance of each business.

What can businesses expect from business tax preparation services?

Business tax preparation services assist businesses in organizing financial records, managing their Federal, state and local tax filings, help them make informed decisions, filing accurate tax returns, minimizing the risk of errors and potential penalties. With the expertise of our tax professionals, there is significant time and cost saving with risk mitigation and strategic planning to minimize the stress and contribute to overall success and growth of business.

How do businesses benefit from tax services for small businesses?

Tax services for small businesses provide expert guidance, helping businesses navigate complex tax codes, identify & maximize deductions, and allowing us to identify tax saving opportunities and optimize business’s tax position.

What is considered the best tax service for small businesses?

The best tax service for small businesses varies based on individual needs, but reputable firms often excel in providing personalized services, expertise, and a track record of successful tax management. Integrating seamless accounting, personal tax advice, simplifying tax preparation and filing process.

How can businesses benefit from indirect tax compliance services?

Indirect tax compliance services assist businesses in adhering to complex sales tax regulations, optimizing tax management, ensuring timely compliances and contributing to improved financial performance, operational efficiency, ensuring proper documentation and reporting to avoid legal complications.

How do individual income tax services help taxpayers?

Individual income tax services help taxpayers with accurate and timely tax filing, timely tax payments, tax planning, representation in tax matters, personal tax advises to plan and strategize personal taxes, and to navigate the intricacies of tax laws, while identifying potential deductions and credits to minimize tax liabilities.

What specialized services do non-profit tax services offer?

Non-profit tax services specialize in the unique tax requirements of non-profit organizations, assisting with compliance, tax filings, financial consulting, tax exemptions, application assistance. tax exemptions, Donor advising, representation in tax matters and optimizing financial strategies for tax-exempt entities.

How can businesses ensure effective tax and financial planning with business and tax services?

Businesses can ensure effective tax and financial planning by engaging with business and tax services that offer personalized strategies, considering the specific needs and goals of the business.

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