About Us

Founded in 2012, Knowcraft is engaged in providing valuation, advisory, accounting, and taxation services. Within a very short span of time, we have become a partner of choice for leading financial services and advisory firms in the US, assisting them in executing varied and complex valuation engagements as well as accounting and taxation projects. Our experience spans over a decade and our focus on quality and flexible project management approach makes us a preferred choice among clients. With Knowcraft Analytics as their trusted partner, our clients find it easy to achieve efficiency in service delivery without compromising on quality. 

Our team consists of some of the finest talents with very rich industry experience. We leverage our talent pool’s expertise combined with the industry best practices to deliver superior results to our clients.

We are passionate about what we do and strongly believe in working with our clients as their extended teams. As your trusted offshore partners, we integrate our teams seamlessly with yours to ensure higher returns on your investment and high-quality work products with shorter turnaround times.

Mission & Vision


Guided by persistent focus on our core values, our mission is to become a leading service provider that valuation firms prefer, the clients endorse, employees feel affiliated to and the society respects.


To become the preferred partner for global clients and an employer of choice by continuously investing in human capital and building empowered teams, thereby leading to the organization’s and Crafters’ prosperity.


People First

We TRUST, we CARE, and above all, we believe in putting PEOPLE FIRST. We prioritize Crafters' health and wellness while also rewarding them for their significant contributions to the organization's growth.

Team Bonding

We believe in collaboration, collective ownership and having each others' back which fosters team bonding amongst Crafters.


We foster competence by trusting, encouraging, and giving the right opportunities to our Crafters.

Meaningful Work

We recognize that fostering meaningful work is crucial for engaging Crafters.

Ethics & Integrity

We deeply value and protect the trust that our esteemed clients and Crafters have placed in us. This trust is an essential part of our core values and is critical to our long-term success.


We recognize that transparency encourages Crafters to work effectively and fosters clients' trust.

Our Team

Pratik Shah


Upasak Shah


Dhara Shah

Vice President

Animesh Shah

Senior Associate Vice President

Nishma Shah

Associate Vice President

Kriti Agarwal

Associate Vice President

Saumya Srivastava

Associate Vice President

Vivek Shah

Associate Vice President

Hitesh Rajput

Associate Vice President

Kritika Ojha

Senior Manager

Priyadarshini Pant

Senior Manager

Sunil Shah

Senior Manager

Vibha Issar

Senior Manager

Amol Katurde

Senior Manager

Harsh Desai

Senior Manager

Gnanendra Rathod

Senior Manager

Pankaj Gohel

Senior Manager

Rashmi Morampudi

Senior Manager

Harpreet Singh

Senior Manager

Rahi Jain

Senior Manager

Sahil Chhibber

Senior Manager

Kushal Kapoor

Senior Manager

Roochira Tanwani

Senior Manager

Syed Aslam Pasha

Senior Manager, Research

Rajesh Vaghadia

Manager, Information Technology

Leena Lopez

Vice President, Human Resources

Nikita Kulabker

Senior Manager, Human Resources

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