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We help leading financial services and advisory firms execute varied and complex valuation, accounting and taxation engagements.
Co-founders and Directors of Knowcraft Analytics

Knowcraft Analytics, an ISO 27001 certified organization, provides comprehensive offshore solutions to accounting, advisory, taxation, and valuation firms in the US and Canada. Through our delivery centers in India, we offer solutions customized to the needs of our clients, across various domains.

Established in 2012 as a three-member valuation firm, Knowcraft Analytics has since expanded to a strong team of 300 professionals located across India. Our team comprises a mix of CFAs, CPAs, CVAs, EAs, CAs, CMAs, and MBAs with a wealth of industry experience. By harnessing the expertise of our talent pool combined with the industry best practices, we have consistently surpassed client expectations for over a decade, fostering strong business relationships.

As your trusted offshore partner, we integrate our teams seamlessly with yours, to ensure higher ROI and better quality deliverables with shorter turnaround times.


Guided by persistent focus on our core values, our mission is to become a leading service provider that accounting, advisory, taxation, and valuation firms trust, the Crafters feel connected to and the society respects.


To become the preferred partner for global clients and an employer of choice by investing in human capital and building empowered teams, thereby leading to the organizations and Crafters’ prosperity.

Our Culture and Values

At Knowcraft Analytics, our culture and values guide us. It is not just a mere concept but a critical aspect of our business success. We take pride in our culture, which is firmly rooted in our vision and values. It sets us apart in this fast-paced and competitive industry.

We consciously strive to nurture and build a PERFORMANCE CULTURE – A culture that:

  • Nurtures Talent and Builds Competence
  • Hires and Retains its Most Committed Crafters
  • Promotes Accountability and Ownership
  • Values Clients and Crafters Always
  • Measures Progress to Fuel Growth

Our values serve as the foundation of our culture.

People First

We Respect, We Listen and We Care. Trusting our Crafters, we foster accessibility, flexibility, and fairness in our thoughts and actions.

Meaningful Work

We understand that our Crafters pursue meaningful growth. Offering relevant work opportunities that diversify their skills and experience, is what we strive for.

Team Bonding

We engage with Crafters in ways that encourage them to collaborate and thrive as team players. While we focus on the shared goals, we do have each other’s back.

Ethics & Integrity

We take pride in doing the right things in the right way for our clients and Crafters. We own our actions, make responsible decisions, and take responsibility.


Building competence is the core element of everything that a Crafter does. We nurture competence by offering opportunities for continuous learning and growth.


We encourage open and two-way communication, even when the conversations are difficult. We believe in maintaining transparency, avoiding creating power centers, and leveraging hierarchy only to achieve our shared goals.

Our Associations

Our professionals are affiliated with globally renowned associations.

Globally Renowned associations

Our Journey

Founded Knowcraft Analytics

Knowcraft Analytics was founded with a focus on financial reporting and tax compliance valuation and had a team size of six Crafters.

New Office in Ahmedabad
The number of Crafters rose to 50, and Knowcraft Analytics expanded its premises and moved to a larger office space in Ahmedabad.
Expanded Footprint to Delhi NCR / Launched Accounting Services
Knowcraft Analytics expanded its presence to Noida and added Accounting services to its offerings.
Reached 100+ Crafters / Launched Taxation Services
Knowcraft Analytics hit a milestone with over 100 Crafters on board and launched Taxation Services to its offerings.
Shifted to WFH & Virtual Onboarding

Knowcraft Analytics enabled a seamless transition to remote working by shifting to digital channels. Moreover, Knowcraft Analytics was certified for the first time by Great Place To Work (GPTW).

Expanded Footprint to Bengaluru / Crossed 200 Crafters

Knowcraft Analytics expanded its operations to south Bengaluru and launched Tangible Assets and Real Estate Valuation services. In addition, Knowcraft Analytics achieved a milestone of exceeding 200 Crafters.

Expanded Footprint to Mumbai, Gurugram and Indore / Crossed 300 Crafters

Knowcraft Analytics expanded its presence to Mumbai, Gurugram, and Indore and completed over 10,000 valuations. Knowcraft Analytics got GPTW-certified and ISO-certified. In addition, Knowcraft Analytics crossed 300 Crafters and launched Investment Banking services.


Expanded Valuation Services to the UK / Certified with Great Place to Work®

Knowcraft Analytics expanded its valuation services to the UK. With perseverance, Knowcraft Analytics got certified for the third time by Great Place To Work.

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