Life @ Knowcraft

We laugh, We play, We bond, We work.

Fun @ Knowcraft

“Where people aren’t having fun, they seldom produce good work” – David Ogilvy

Our commitment to growth is reflected in our collective celebration of triumphs and the elevation of our achievements. Having fun at work is not just about enjoyment, but it greatly impacts productivity, creativity, and overall performance. Collaboration and camaraderie are essential to productivity, project execution, innovation, and company performance. It is not just about the activities themselves, but the positive impact they have on our Crafters both mentally and physically.

Learning & Development

Learning and development is an ongoing process that aims to improve skills, acquire knowledge, clarify concepts, and change attitudes through structured and planned training. At Knowcraft Analytics, our learning and development program focuses exclusively on enhancing Crafters’ productivity and performance.

Technical Training with Mentor Group

Ongoing technical training by a mentor team is a way for Crafters to continue their professional development and stay updated in their field. These training courses typically involve experienced mentors or technical experts providing guidance and instruction to less experienced Crafters.

Ongoing technical training by a mentor team is a dynamic process that requires commitment from both mentors and mentees. It leads to improved technical skills and enhanced career growth for Crafters within the organization.

Information Security Awareness Training

In continuation of our efforts to set up a robust information management system, we set up sessions for information and cyber security training. Acquiring general knowledge about cybersecurity is deemed an important organization-wide requirement, which cannot be overemphasized especially when we are all working in a hybrid set-up. The training is conducted by third-party trainers who are experts in this field.

The purpose of this training is to promote the significance of information and cyber security among the Crafters and emphasize their role in safeguarding the organization’s sensitive data. By the end of the training, we aim to have a better understanding of potential security risks, best practices for data protection, and how to handle sensitive information responsibly.

Self-Leadership and People Management
At Knowcraft Analytics, we would like to consciously focus on, and work towards creating opportunities for the crucial layer of management that comprises Team Leads, Assistant Managers, Associate Managers, and Managers to continuously hone their skills and become more adept at People Leadership.

As a step forward in this direction, we have conceptualized an intensive, in-house Management Development Program (MDP), for our middle managers to come together to learn and build their competence, especially in the area of Self Leadership and People Management. The program is designed to be reflective and interactive with individual and group activities and select assignments, built in.

POSH Training

At Knowcraft Analytics we have a Zero tolerance policy for Harassment in any form. POSH training is aimed to sensitize all our Crafters on this and spread empowerment and inclusive growth of each Crafter. This training clearly outlines the Prevention, Prohibition, and Redressal mechanisms adopted at Knowcraft Analytics. We aim to foster a culture of respect, trust, and professionalism within our organization.

Rewards and Recognitions

Knowcraft Analytics ensures that our Crafters are recognized for their efforts. Here, we offer a performance celebration culture in which Crafters’ contributions are acknowledged and appreciated in a timely and equitable manner. We have a culture that demonstrates ownership and accountability. We celebrate meritocracy, and our RnR program is a testament to our unwavering dedication to keep on shining.

Above and Beyond Award

This is a prestigious recognition that acknowledges Crafters who go above and beyond their regular duties and strive for high standards and quality.

The Transformer Award

This award is for a commendable achiever whose efforts, talent, and expertise have been transformative and had a positive business impact.

The Brainiac Award

This influential award is presented to Crafters who have proposed the most innovative ideas and worked towards tackling problems and issues.

The Iron Pillar Award

This award recognizes the tenure and loyalty of Crafters who have dedicated a substantial amount of time and commitment to Knowcraft Analytics.

Crafter of the Year

This award reflects the exceptional impact the Crafter has made in furthering Knowcraft Analytics’ aims and objectives with innovative ideas and outstanding performance.

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