Advisory & Consulting

Knowcraft Analytics is a prominent outsourcing service provider for global consulting firms specializing in accounting, and financial advisory services. Our seasoned professionals assist with a broad range of financial services, from M&A transactions support to capital raising. We provide transformative financial consulting solutions tailored for your success and are one-stop solution provider for the everchanging Transaction Services & Investment Banking domain.

We provide end-to-end solutions for M&A transactions, from pre-deal analyses to performing Due Diligence to review of Quality of Earnings. Our investment banking offerings include comprehensive services on sell-side and buy-side advisory, business valuations, secondary and primary research. We are your trusted partner in achieving and exceeding your financial goals, enabling you to focus on growing the clientele, while we assist you with preparing detailed operational deliverables.

Transaction Due Diligence

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A thorough due diligence reduces the risks associated with M&A deals and helps one evaluate for what they are worth and what they are not. Within a short time frame, our team can assist you in preparing crucial pieces of due diligence reports including:

  • Historical Financial Analysis
  • Working Capital Analysis
  • Evaluating Appropriateness of Accounting Policies
  • Critical Agreements

Quality of Earnings

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A QoE report measures how a company accumulates its revenues, including recurring or nonrecurring, and cash or non-cash. Ensure the accuracy and reliability of financial data with our QoE analysis. Our seasoned team of financial analysts assists your team in delving deep into the financial statements, providing a comprehensive assessment of the target company’s earnings and gain insights into the sustainability of these earnings and future financial performance. Knowcraft understands that each firm is unique and needs to be analyzed critically to ensure fairness of purchase price, financing terms, etc. involved in any transaction.

Investment Banking Support

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At Knowcraft, we offer unparalleled investment banking and transaction advisory support services to propel your financial success. We understand the importance of assessing the strategic fit and evaluating synergies before any deal is consummated. Our team combines their years of experience with technology in performing pre-deal analyses and provides a suite of services, some of which include:

  1. Merger & Acquisition
    • Buy-Side Advisory
    • Sell-Side Advisory
    • Pitchbooks
    • Confidential Information Memorandums (CIMs)
    • Company Profiles
    • Investment Teasers
    • Financial Modeling
  2. Business Enterprise Valuation
    • Industry Research
    • Precedent Transactions
    • Trading Comparable Analysis
    • Sector Research
    • Thematic Research
    • Newsletters
  3. Presentation & Graphics Support
    • End-to-end preparation of Presentations
    • Designing Factsheets, Pitchbooks, CIMs, Teasers, Brochures, Newsletters

Experts Behind the Wheel

Why Choose Knowcraft for Advisory and Consulting?

Executed Over 100 Engagements

Scalable Investment Banking Support Services

In-depth Research

Efficient and Highly Responsive Team

Case Studies

Benefits of ERP Transition: A Case Study 

Benefits of ERP Transition: A Case Study 

In the fast-paced world of business, staying competitive often necessitates upgrading systems to meet growing needs. This case study explores the journey of Company X as it transitioned from one Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) vendor to another. The case study highlights the constraints, proposed solutions, and outcomes achieved. 

Contingent Consideration Valuation

Contingent Consideration Valuation

THE CLIENT AND THE ASK: A pharmaceutical company (the “Acquirer”) acquired a biotechnology company (the “Company”) in exchange for an upfront payment and certain payments contingent upon successful achievement of future regulatory and sales milestones for certain...

Forecasting and Valuation

Forecasting and Valuation

THE COMPANY AND THE ASK: The Company is a technology company with a business proposition to provide diagnostic services to rural India and reduce the turnaround time of getting the report from 24 hours to 1 hour. The Company was operating using multiple business...

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Financial Accounting Advisory Services?

Financial Accounting Advisory Services involve expert guidance on accounting practices, ensuring compliance, and providing strategic financial insights to optimize business performance.

What sets Financial Services Consulting Firms apart in the industry?

Financial Services Consulting Firms leverage their specialized knowledge to offer tailored solutions, combining financial expertise and industry insights for optimal client outcomes.

How do Financial Planning Consulting Services contribute to long-term financial stability?

Financial Planning Consulting Services help businesses chart a course for financial success by creating comprehensive plans that encompass budgeting, forecasting, and risk management.

What benefits do businesses gain from engaging Financial and Consulting Services?

Businesses benefit from a holistic approach that combines financial expertise with strategic insights, leading to improved financial performance and sustainable growth.

How can Financial Planning Consulting Services address short-term financial challenges?

Financial Planning Consulting Services offer not only short-term but can also be helpful in long term solutions through effective cash flow management, budget adjustments, and quick-response strategies to maintain financial stability.

How does Financial Services Strategy Consulting contribute to long-term financial planning?

Financial Services Strategy Consulting assists in creating sustainable long-term financial plans by developing and aligning strategies with business objectives.
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