Knowcraft Analytics offers distinguished finance and accounting outsourcing services to support end-to-end F&A functions to finance leaders of CPA Firms and end clients manage their routine finance, accounts, and treasury functions to month close and reporting, year-end audit as well as ERP selection to data migration support. By engaging the Knowcraft team – Clients can maximize effectiveness and efficiency as the team acts as a subject matter expert and provides significant overlap and extensive coverage.

With 60+ finance and accounting professionals and servicing 20+ unique clients engaged in the manufacturing and service sector, our finance & accounting practice can take charge of the most complex processes and free up finance leadership bandwidth to focus on the strategic influencer role.

Our finance and accounting team takes a holistic approach and works with a consulting mindset to transform processes and create positive disruption.

Audit Support

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Our extensive know-how in assisting the accounting firms with audit preparation for their clients’ books is based on the experience our professionals have gained from working in a wide range of public accounting and financial roles serving varied industries.

Many of our professionals have worked as external or internal auditors, which helps us to complete the audit in a thoughtful, timely, and effective manner. We offer a multitude of services for different attestation projects:

  • Audit planning and implementation
  • Evaluation of revenue and expenditure accounts including flux analysis
  • Preparation, analysis, and updating of audit work papers and schedules using AuditFile, CaseWare, and MS Excel
  • Reconciliation of the balance sheet accounts
  • Preparing risk analysis and testing of internal controls
  • Preparation of draft financial statements and accompanying footnote disclosures as per US GAAP


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Our team has hands-on experience working on outsourced bookkeeping. We have experience in dealing with companies of all sizes and in varied industries. Our bookkeeping services include bank reconciliations, accounts payable, accounts receivable, sales tax filings, payroll processing, cash flow forecasting, corporate credit card reconciliation and financial reporting, among others.

Financial Analysis

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If you require assistance in performing a financial analysis for books of accounts, our team is experienced in carrying out an in-depth analysis including analysis of various ratios and comparison of actual performance vis-à-vis budgets.

Financial Consulting

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At Knowcraft Analytics, we believe in adding value to our clients’ businesses. Our team includes experienced CPAs, MBAs, CMAs, and other financial experts who help you present a thoughtful analysis to your clients and help them in making a more informed decision.

Financial Modelling

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The crux of any important business decision is the information on which it is based, and such information is the result of a deep-dive analyses of a plethora of data points and variables pulled together to build an accurate, robust and detailed financial model. Detailed forecasts modeled in a spreadsheet are the key tools available to the leadership team to analyze the projected numbers from several perspectives and formulate informed strategies.

We have the experience in working for companies of all sizes across industries to develop and implement a robust, time efficient and effective financial budgeting, planning & reporting process. Our consultants are a mix of highly experienced finance professionals and budgeting & planning systems experts who have completed many complex business modeling assignments demonstrating their expertise.

Historical Cleanup

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One of the biggest challenges for companies, especially small to medium-sized businesses is maintaining books and updating them from time to time. This includes maintaining a record of business expenses and cash flows while adhering to accounting principles and norms. While hiring a professional could be expensive, it is often not feasible for business owners to invest time and energy in this aspect of operations. This makes outsourcing cleanup and historic accounting services the best option.

Knowcraft Analytics is the leading cleanup and historic accounting service provider with a team of seasoned professionals who can take care of your accounting needs with utmost efficiency, significantly lessening your burden and helping you focus on your core operations.

Month End Closing and Accounts Reconciliation

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The success of a business relies heavily upon certain standardized procedures and the data they generate. This is particularly true for the accounts payable department, where the month-end closing process must be done properly to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the financial statements and balance sheet.

Account reconciliation is particularly useful for explaining the difference between two financial records or account balances. Some differences may be acceptable because of the timing of payments and deposits. Unexplained or mysterious discrepancies, however, may warn of fraud or cooking the books.

Our team has extensive experience in preparing month-end closing statements as well as accounts reconciliation.

Payroll Assistance

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We help our clients in conducting an internal audit of payroll through headcount reports. We also use Expense Reimbursement System to calculate and monitor all checkpoints for each employee’s claim such as ground transportation, airfares, lodging and hotel expenses, parking taxes, or any other expenses incurred during the company events, paid through any mode of payment.

Experts Behind the Wheel

Why Choose Knowcraft for Accounting?

Experienced Professionals with Consulting Mindset

Direct Impact on ROI

Scalability Across Accounting Domain

Exposure to Several Enterprise Resource Planning & Point of Sale Applications

Case Studies

Benefits of ERP Transition: A Case Study 

Benefits of ERP Transition: A Case Study 

In the fast-paced world of business, staying competitive often necessitates upgrading systems to meet growing needs. This case study explores the journey of Company X as it transitioned from one Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) vendor to another. The case study highlights the constraints, proposed solutions, and outcomes achieved. 

Contingent Consideration Valuation

Contingent Consideration Valuation

THE CLIENT AND THE ASK: A pharmaceutical company (the “Acquirer”) acquired a biotechnology company (the “Company”) in exchange for an upfront payment and certain payments contingent upon successful achievement of future regulatory and sales milestones for certain...

Forecasting and Valuation

Forecasting and Valuation

THE COMPANY AND THE ASK: The Company is a technology company with a business proposition to provide diagnostic services to rural India and reduce the turnaround time of getting the report from 24 hours to 1 hour. The Company was operating using multiple business...

Frequently Asked Questions

What are outsourced accounting services, and how can they benefit my small business?

Outsourced accounting services involve delegating regular accounting and financial reporting activities to external experts. They benefit businesses by providing professional expertise, cost savings, and allowing you to focus on core operations.

How do accounting and tax services differ from general accounting services?

Accounting and tax services specialize in financial reporting and tax compliance, respectively, while general accounting services cover a broader range, including day-to-day accounting of business transactions.

Are online accounting services a secure and efficient option for my business?

Yes, online accounting services are secure and efficient, providing real-time access to financial data while maintaining robust security measures to protect your business information. We can add a couple of lines about Knowcraft’s measures to protect client data and ISO Certifications.

How do professional accounting services contribute to the success of businesses?

Professional accounting services contribute to success by ensuring on time recording of business transactions, accurate financial reporting, compliance with regulations, and offering strategic advice for sustainable growth.

How can I integrate accounting and bookkeeping services seamlessly into my operations?

We work closely with your team to integrate accounting and bookkeeping services seamlessly, ensuring a smooth transition and optimized financial management.

In what ways your accounting and tax services can adapt to the evolving needs of my business?

Our accounting and tax services are flexible and scalable, adapting to the evolving needs of your business to provide continuous support and strategic financial guidance.
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